Seed Pack

Back in early summer I found out that I'd been selected to create a seed pack for the Hudson Valley Seed Company (formerly Hudson Valley Seed Library). I was thrilled because I'm a huge fan of everything they do, from non-GMO seed preservation, heirloom varieties, and great garden advice, to artwork and nature coming together. They're a huge inspiration, so I was excited and nervous! My mission was to make artwork for the Siberian Watermelon. I started with a friendly wolf/Siberian husky who loves watermelon, as all good dogs do. 

I lay out the plants and tried to figure out how best to use different shapes to describe the husky.

Then came the fun part of painting the fruit itself, a lovely apricot colored water melon that's very sweet!

I ended up here with this image and then it went to the Hudson Valley Seed Company to be designed into a pack. They have beautiful distinctive folding packs, so the image needed a little tweaking.

And here it is! You can buy this pack and many others - as well as a 2017 calendar featuring all the new art packs for the year - on their website!