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In this workshop we use sunshine to make images on paper and fabric through the process of cyanotype photograms, one of the oldest forms of creating images with chemistry and light. Participants will learn how to prepare paper and fabric with light sensitive chemicals, compose images using a wide variety of objects and materials including pressed and fresh botanicals, and develop the prints in the sunshine! You will create several pieces on paper and fabric. Once you know this process, it allows for infinite possibilities! All materials will be provided.


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Botanical Surface Design



Are you inspired by nature, plants and botanical prints? Want to learn a fun technique to bring some of these patterns into your home? In this class, you’ll learn how plants can be pressed and then used as stamps to print on paper and fabric. All pressed specimen will be provided as well as information about how to build your own press at home. You’ll start printing plants with ink on paper to create beautiful cards, stationery, or a unique piece of art. Then we switch to fabric ink and design a plant printed linen tea towel.  You will leave with the knowledge to create many more projects at home!


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Botanical Block Printing



This is a perfect class to hold as a pre-holiday event. You learn how to create block printed, botanically themed cards and paper. You’re led step-by-step through the process of designing and carving a rubber printing block, using pressed botanical specimen as inspiration. You then use your block to create hand-printed cards and wrapping paper. And you’ll be able to continue to print with your block at home, or create your own block with plants from your garden.

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Private Workshops


All workshops are available as private classes for small groups and corporate teams within the LA or SF areas. Please contact me for more information and rates.